Welcome to Sochi!

Hi, I am Greg Speranskey,

If you are looking for an English language translator who lives in Sochi and knows the town as well, please call me and I will try to help you.

I provide any transport to meet your needs. Would it be a small car or bus.

I run different tours across the town and outside. Waterfalls, caves, sea cruises, city highlights, Olympic heritage, we can take cable ways up to 2300 m above the sea level. It is a great experience even in summer.  Please mind that ski season in Sochi starts in December and lasts till May. The most of ski facilities were built for 2014 Olympic and meet the highest international standards.

Otherwise I can help in any of your business.

Hyundai Starex (air conditioned) up to 9 piople.

Suzuki Grand Vitara (air conditioned) for the offroads tours up to 3 people

Disabled persons and kids welcome.