• Krasnaya Poliana (Red Meadow) – Olympic Venus, cable ways up to 2300 m above the sea level, The beekeeping farm.
  • Prehistoric man cave.
  • Orthodox nuns temple
  • Stalin’s Villa, where You hear about details of the soviet leader life.
  • The Watch Tower, where you view Sochi city from the height of 600 meters. It was built in 1936 by Stalin’s order for the military purposes.
  • Olympic Park
  • Agura waterfalls. The way to the waterfalls lies through the Kolhida forest. 2-3 km hiking
  • Local cuisine restaurant and ethnographic museum Amshenskiy Dvor. http://www.amshendvor.ru/

We can tail the rout to meet your needs. The full tour as described above will take about 12 hours and cost $300 for up to 9 people.